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SubandCast is our next step. After many years in competitions and enjoing fishing now we ant offer our experiencie through this Shop. Not only offer products, we want to bring you a studied selection. The best equipment at the best price. And our experience if you have doubts or you are looking for something specific.

SubandCast is not only one more shop.

Try us!



Best product selection. Large stock and cheap delivery. Try our fidelity discounts and talk with our professionals if you have any doubt or question.


We don´t want to be another typical store. We want to offer the best products, all that you need. Our mission is your total satisfaction.


We want to gain your trust. Your satisfaction is our objective. Fast delivery, advice if you have doubts, recommend what is the best option to you. And of course, the best prices.


Fishing is our passion. Not a job. Spearfishing, sea and river fishing. Many years enjoying, in competitions, and now we want to bring you our experiencie.

Many years helping friends. Now, it´s time for SubandCast

We make things happen! The best products, the best prices, the best stock, the best delivery. You will be satisfied!

We don´t want to sell prodcuts, we want to sell satisfaction. We want you to repeat with us, to be your shop.




Our staff was in competition for many years. Lot of wins in championships and lot of experience. Our selection was made by him and you can talk with him to solve doubts or if you have any question. We will be happy to help.

Sea Fishing


Many years of experience in different disciplines: Spinning, Jigging, Surfcasting, squids…

River Fishing


River fishing is one of our passions. We made a lot of TV documentaries and spent all of our life looking for trouts, seatrouts, salmons, pikes and other species. Now, we try to offer you all of this in our catalogue.



There are a lot of accesories: cameras, fishfinders, kayaks… We will try to offer this to you.

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