Spearfishing can be an expensive sport when you take into account the various equipment required to do so. The high price of accumulating all the equipment can act as a deterrent to people looking to try it out to see if they would like it or not.

SubandCast now offers a rental scheme to help people get into the sport and for convenience. Please note Wetsuits are not being rented.


Equipment for rent and prices are laid out below.


  • Fins Plastic
  • Spearguns Pathos Alma
  • Buoy with line winder and Anchor / Net / FIsh Stringer
  • Mask/Snorkel
  • Weight Belt plus Weights.


All Equipment can be rented for EUR 45 for one Day or EUR 60 for the weekend

A Standard Deposit of 250 EUR will apply.


Carbon Fins Rental: 

The Spetton CX 30.1 fins are available to rent.

Rent price is 45/day or 60 for the weekend.

Security Deposit of 300 euros applies.







(Full Name) understand that:

All equipment supplied by SubandCast for rent is provided for spearfishing / Free diving use only. Equipment is used at named own risk and SubandCast will not be held responsible for any injuries sustained while using the equipment.

Rented Equipment will be returned in the same state it was rented.

Users of this equipment are expected to have some spearfishing/ freediving knowledge  and experience or are accompanied by someone who has spearfishing experience.

If the renter of the equipment has no spearfishing or freediving experience he/she will be accompanied by someone with experience.

Spearfishing Rifles are never to be loaded outside of the water or when there are swimmers / people nearby. These rifles should always be unloaded when not in use, leaving the gun safety latch on is not permitted as these safety devices can fail. Always unload when not in use.

Never Point The spearfishing rifle at any person. Read up on the spearfishing regulations for the area you intend to spearfish and always obey the regulations.

Use this link to view Irish Fishing Regulations .

Spearfishing is a dangerous sport and training should be acquired before taking part in this activity. In certain situations people may get into difficulty which may cause injury in which case can be fatal.

SubandCast is not responsible for ensuring the person renting the equipment has received training for this discipline. Subandcast will not be responsible for any injury / Fatality that was the result of lack of education or training with respect to spearfishing and freediving.

The deposit is fully refundable when all of the equipment has been returned. Any damage or missing items will be calculated and this amount will be kept of the deposit to cover the equipment.