SubandCast was born by our passion: spearfishing. We want to offer in Ireland, UK and beyond our experiencie in Spearfishing, Sea and River fishing. We started 5 years ago to became the largest and most specializad Spearfishing shop in Ireland. You can ask us and solve your doubts about equipment, set up.  We offer only the best quality and price. In Subandcast you will find all that you need and the most advanced stuff. Try us!

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Complete Wetsuits


 326.70 386.10
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Belts, harness and weights

Sigalsub ankle weights Pair

  • GBP: 24.00£

Belts, harness and weights

Weight 150 gr. for ARMADILLO vest

 1.32 1.73
  • GBP: 1.30£ - 1.70£

Belts, harness and weights

PS Dive Armadillo Weight Vest

  • GBP: 93.49£

SubandCast Auction

Omer Alien Go Pro

Auction Expired
  • GBP: 24.60£

Buoys and accesories

Epsealon Bungee with Spectra 5m

  • GBP: 64.00£

SubandCast Auction

Sigalsub Sauron Mask

Reserve price Not met!
  • GBP: 31.49£


Epsealon Slip Tip

  • GBP: 108.24£
 95.40 129.59
  • GBP: 93.87£ - 127.51£
 95.40 129.59
  • GBP: 93.87£ - 127.51£

Complete Wetsuits

Epsealon Demonskin Wetsuit

 386.87 530.11
  • GBP: 380.68£ - 521.63£

Ordered a C4 Graphite. Alan was a good lad! Assembled everything and gave me some extra rubber just in case. Good business!


Amazing service. Alan was amazing he guided and adviced me for almost a wk and made it easy to make up my mind to chose a wetsuit. Thanks again for the lovely service. I strongly recommend these guys. Specially if u want the best costumer service. Don’t look any further then SubandCast.


The service is fantastic from the first point of contact to the goods turning up in the post highly recommend this shop and the staff for all your spearfishing gear. top draw advice too wont try and sell you the most expensive gear just what is best for you.


Best shop ever. Always with great suggestion for everyones needs. Always explaining all the things and gives the best gear to suit your needs. Always full with examples and advises. As for me begginer is the best shop in Ireland. Great articles about spear fishing. Wish to sub&cast keep going with their highest rate of customer service and items quality.