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Adaptor for video support Sigalsub

This item need to be completed with the Sigalsub Video Support.

Adaptors specific for each gun in the market. Choose your in the list. You cna choose right or left side (text it when you do the order)

Adaptor available for: Jako, Seatec, C4, Omer cayman/HF/ET, Salvimar, Omer XXV, 40 Oleo, Pathos D´Angelo 1, Pathos, Bucanero, Airbalete/One air, Cressi Geronimo, Cressi Apache/Comanche/Mohicano, Blue Tec, Beuchat Marlin, Beuchat Mundial, Woodslide for wooden guns, Seac, Rebel, Pathos Sniper, Seac Condor, Cressi Cherokee, Sigalsub mechanism Easy/Smart/Jako Easy/Jako Smart in wooden guns, Sigalsub Nemesis, Pad lock for Gopro.



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