The Frenchman Limited

To bring spearfishing courses to Ireland we have partnered with The Frenchman Limited. This company is dedicated to bringing spearfishing courses to clients across the UK and Ireland.


A Little bit about Maxime..

My name is Maxime Blondel. I was born in France in 1984 and grew up on the beautiful Mediterranean coast near Toulon, a city located in the South East of the country.

Growing up, spear fishing was a family pastime, with my dad, my uncles and my mum all taking part.  I grew up watching them l and fell into the sport at a very young age.

I am also a two times Underwater Hockey World champion from 2009 and 2013.

Professionally I have been a registered nurse since 2007 with years of experience both in intensive care and Accident and Emergency.
I have also extended my medical knowledge and experience by completing my Offshore Medic Certificate.

I am also qualified HSE Air commercial diver (since 2013).

The sea is a hugely important part of my life. Everywhere I go I take the opportunity to jump in. Whether I am discovering new fish, new techniques or meeting new Spearos I feel that all will enrich my Spearo knowledge. I have been spearfishing for more than 20 years and have dived all around the world (SA, Oz, Med, Atlantic, North Sea, Danish sea, NZ, Panama).

The Frenchman LTD was created a few years ago as I felt I could transfer my wealth of knowledge to young and upcoming Spearos. 
Through the courses I will share with you my experience, I will teach you to be safe and skilled whilst improving your chances of coming home with fish.
Developing conscientious Spearos who understand their ability to manage sea resources and maintain a sustainable way of providing fresh sea food is key.
Every sea has its own challenge and what makes a good spearo is our capability to adapt to these challenges.


You can book your ticket here at this link. 



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