[accordion-item title=”What fins do I need for spearfishing?”]

Long fins are used to move around the water and dive in spearfishing. The most important thing is that you are comfortable and the fin works properly for you.

Usually in the beginning a plastic fin is ideal to get used to the technique and they perform very well also.

Fins usually come in different stiffnesses, soft medium and hard. Different factors will determine your pick, soft fins usually for lighter people and hard ones for heavy people. Although it is common practice also for heavier people to sometimes use soft or medium depending on the type of diving the intend on doing.

For example long hours diving and swimming around in shallow water will be more comfortable with a softer fin and less severe on you ankles and muscles etc.. Its also Important that your foot pocket is comfortable and a good fit. Usually if you buy you should aim for a size or 2 larger than your regular shoe size because of neoprene sock thickness etc..

Carbon fins are a step up and will give you more power back off your kicks so you will move faster and more efficiently through the water.

In some cased you can upgrade your fins and keep the foot pockets so you can save on cost usually 60 euros.

This is why we recommend the sporasub spitfire fins for starting out especially as the foot pockets can later be used with carbon. So you only need to buy the blade.

[accordion-item title=”What is the difference between C4 Mr Dark and Graphite Spearguns”]

The better gun for Ireland and an all round use is the graphite, it is a bit lighter in weight. And the shape is not as wide on the back as the Mr Dark. Mr dark is better for ambush and longer shots, but heavier and slower in movements.

For us, the Graphite. For mediterranean sea, looking for longer shots when movements are not important, the Mr Dark.

The mr dark because of its shape is harder to move, slower, and with currents, kelp… worst than the other model.

[accordion-item title=”What Payment Methods do you accept”]

We accept all card payments, paypal and wire bank transfer.