• Vision

    Vision Established in 2015 SubandCast quickly became the most specialized Spearfishing Resource in Ireland. With a combined experience of over 40 years experience in the field of spearfishing which includes competitive Spearing, we want to bring to you a one stop shop for all of your Spearfishing needs and are in a prominent position to […]
  • Spearfishing throughout Winter by Matt Newman

    As autumn comes to an end and merges into winter the tell tale signs that the UK season is over for most divers is typically the start of the storms, strong continuous winds, non stop rain and big swells battering the south coast. Once the fine sand around Sussex stirs up and the sun is […]
  • Review of the Picasso Stone Camo Wetsuit

    Unwrapping the Picasso stone camo wetsuit from the packaging, I was instantly surprised at the nylon lining, it felt very strong and durable but almost like it shouldn’t be attached to the very soft and sticky neoprene underneath. From previous experience with nylon lined open cell suits the neoprene inside is typically almost rigid and […]
  • Pedro Veiga

    Today we have a new interview. Another of Todopescagalicia Team members: Pedro Veiga. Many of you will know him in Facebook and his awesome seabass captures. Today we are going to know him a bit better. Hi Pedro, tells us something about yourself. Hi! My name is Pedro Veiga, I am 41 years old and […]