Spearfishing regulation in Ireland

There is not a specific regulation in Ireland. But there are some limits, minimum sizes and other questions we must know.

We are going to try to resume them:

  • No spearfishing licence is required

  • No firearm license is required for rubber spearguns (with rubber bands) but it´s required for pneumatic ones

  • There is not a bag limit (except some shellfish as we explain later) But it´s banned to sell or even offer our captures. The limit is our own consume

  • Shellfish is allowed. But always taken by our hands. It´s not allowed shoot shellfish.

  • Salmon or seatrout are not allowed.

Seabass 2022

  • Lobsters: V-notched females must be released. Females with eggs must be released. Minimum size is 87mm (body)
  • Brown and spider crabs: Minimum size is 13cm. Females with eggs must be released.
  • Velvet crab: females with eggs must be released.
  • Scallops: mínimum size is 11cm
  • Not allowed Spearfishing in fresh waters.
  • Not allowed collect shellfish in scuba diving.

About the doubt if we can catch shellfish in freediving here is the law (Bye-Law No. 533 1964):

We see how it says that Skin Diving is: Skin-diving includes the use by any person of apparatus or equipment of any kind which would enable him while inmersed in water to breathe without returning to the surface.

But it´s not only what is allowed and what is not. Ethic is important in our sport. And if we want to enjoy it for a long time we must be responsible and take care of our environment and our sport. From Subandcast we recommend:

  • A good spearfisher is not who catch lot of fish. The good spearfisher is the one who enjoy and respect the sea. It´s not a competition and there is nothing to prove.
  • Catch only what we are going to eat. Don´t take too much. Spearfishing is not about enjoy killing.
  • Don´t show pictures with too much fish or seafood. We must understand that some people doesn´t like it and we could be banned in the future because of that. In most of the countries in Europe spearfishing is not easy because of very hard regulations.

And the most important rule RETURN SAFE, NEVER RISK YOUR LIFES

If you have any doubt don´t hesitate to contact us in info@subandcast.com or comment. Also have our phone number.

This post is only a general information and regulations could change. Each one must know the law.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]