Spearfishing Courses in Ireland


Spearfishing in Ireland

Spearfishing is really amazing. The sea, freediving, the freedom… there is a new world just behind the surface. But it´s not buy an equipment and try.We are in a strange environment. Spearfishing and freediving are lovely sports but we must know how to do. And we must learn from an expert. it´s usual that some spearfishers that learn by themselves try to teach to friends or other ones. But a lot of times they can´t teach properly and would be dangerous.

For us, Subandcast, it´s as important offer the best price and quality as your safety. So we offer courses to learn and increase your level. Courses made for you, exactly what you need, because your safety is the most important. And imparted by an expert spearfisher.

It´s recommended start with this courses. You will enjoy spearfishing much more and you will do it safely.

Don´t risk your life and your health. Don´t loose time and spend in wrong spearfishing gear.

Just enjoy spearfishing with us.

We offer different options:

Two days courses: Two days, theory and practice (theory and dives, both two days) Should be all the people the same spearfishing level.

One day course. Intensive course, one day. Theory and practice.

One dive. Just one dive, with theory before and after. 50 euros/spearfisher.

1 spearfisher/2 spearfishers or 3 spearfishers. Speacial options for bigger groups.

Option to try Spearfishing. We can offer all the equipment and go to try your first time.

All levels. The courses will be made attending your experience and what you need. We will ask you a few questions and offer exactly what you need.

And all of that with our expert.

Spearfishing course in Ireland

We will learn the risks and how to avoid them:

– Blackouts, nets and ropes, currents…

– Correct equalization, avoid problems with our ears, sinuses…

– Techniques and spearfishing gear. Know and understand our equipment

-Increase our apnea and deep, easy and safely.

– Species and habitats.

– Best seasons, hours and tides depending what we are looking for.

And much more. All of that adapted for your specific level. Learn fast and easy.

Spearfishing course in ireland1

Spearfishing is not cath more and bigger fish. Spearfishing is enjoy the enviroment. Know and respect it. And of course be able to catch good fish or seafood and enjoy it at home, with our family and friends.

With us you will learn with a spearfishing and underwater activities champion.


– 1 day course.

– 2 days course.

– 1 dive.

learn spearfishing in Ireland

The courses will be given by a:

– 2nd and 2 times 3rd in Spanish championship.

– 2 times in Spanish Spearfishing competition.

– 2 times Vigo Spearfishing Champion.

– Gold and Bronze medal in International Atlantic Games.

– 4 times Galician freediving photo hunting champion.

– More than 10 podiums in spearfishing competitions.

– 4 times 3rd in Galician league.

– Member of the Galician Underwater Hockey team and maximum scorer.

– Fegas/CMAS spearfishing Instructor

– 13 years in competition and more than 100 competitions!

– Sponsored in different years by: Sporasub, Mares, Spetton and Salvimar.  And working as tester in other different brands today.

Don´t miss it!




  • 1 spearfisher – 120 euros
  • 2 spearfishers – 220 euros
  • 3 spearfishers – 320 euros
  • Group (4 or more)- 390 euros


  • 1 spearfisher – 220 euros
  • 2 spearfishers – 390 euros
  • 3 spearfishers – 590 euros
  • Group  (4 or more)- 700 euros


60 euros /person

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