Epsealon Tsunami DS Wooden Speargun



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 Body, handle, and muzzle in one piece, all integrally handcrafted in Iroko wood laminated / glued / varnished with integral shaft guide.
Iroko wood is an exotic material highly valued in shipbuilding for its antioxidant properties, natural resistance to fungi and pests, non-permeable, and a rather light density.
Mechanism integrally manufactured in 316L stainless steel.
Small dwellings to place weights to adjust speargun trim.
Ergonomic and robust handle with white grip Elastomel®. Ideal angle of inclination.
  Muzzle with 2 profiles holes for fast bungee pass. Loading butt made in the mass with rubber-coated pad for comfort.
Sandvik shaft dia.7mm diameter with shark fins.
Double circular rubber bands dia.16mm Blizzard with dyneema wishbones.
Ambidextrous speargun equipped as standard with shock absorber / nylon & sleeves.

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Size (cm)

90, 100, 110, 120, 130