Pathos Maximum Carbon Fins



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PATHOS MAXIMUM Carbon blades are made of 285-T4 and 285-T2 pure Carbon Fiber. These fabrics are proven to be the best choice for our carbon blades due to the combination of high resistance and instant reaction. The selected carbon fibers combined with the best quality epoxy resin provide stiffness, reliability and long life. The 285-T4 4X4 carbon weaving style eliminates wrinkling, cracking and distortion of the blade and ensures complete resin soaking, while the inner 285-T2 2X2 weaving insures rapid recall.

Each pair is processed thermally for 36 hours and cures at 8 tons pressure for 24 hours. This process gives the MAXIMUM carbon blades a gloss surface that minimizes water friction and a more reactive performance. The manufacturing process minimizes carbon fabric and epoxy resin disposal.

MAXIMUM Carbon blades have an outstanding performance during deep dives due to the side water rails. These elastic spoilers operate as guides, creating a water channel that prevents the fins to drift on the sides and save diver’s precious energy.

Having tested several different shapes of fins edges for hundreds of hours we came to the conclusion that the MAXIMUM flap-shaped edge not only exceeds the diver’s effort but also adds an extra push at the end of the leg movement. This element allows the diver to use less power, compared to previous concave shaped models.

MAXIMUM blades divert the power created by the diver’s movement all along their length. This is succeeded due to the carbon fabric’s inner arrangement. The special inner design gives the blades the ability of taking under pressure a full curved C-shape that provides the best flexibility, efficiency and functionality, while the return of the blade is instant.

The best fins’ performance is achieved by increasing the blade’s angle, but this also requires a well-trained diver who constantly exercises and keeps up his/her fitness. The 24o angle comforts every diver no matter his/her fitness condition and brings up the best of everyone. The MAXIMUM blades combined with PATHOS footpocket have an increased angle of +18o that give more dynamic results.

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