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This is a high quality #243-quality #243-tube (-stretch coefficient x 3) with progressive stretching technology,#237;a, in #243 function of the load to which it is subjected. Passing the blue fishing tests with tuna, marlins, wahoos,.. no breakage or tears,

Its raw material ensures optimal resistance to wear (no oil or gasoline affect), high temperature, UV rays (does not deteriorate by sun action) and saltwater.

Its higher quality is the delivery of brake to large fish with great progressivity and constancy, without allowing changes in tensiy load #243;n no matter how strong the acceleration ón of the fish,

Fish are slowly dragged to atrás #233 after explosive takeoffs, minimizing material ruptures or tears in fish meat,

Your flexibility and hardness allows you not to bend in turns and have a good grip to charge the parts easily.

Resist temperatures up to 200 degrees, thus avoiding fred or rubb #243ing breaks with ropes or buoys when the BUNGEE TUNA comes into action #243;n.

The BUNGEE TUNA 10 está formed by:

  • á&stico of high quality 100% 10mm diameter blue
  • Lí in-house Dyneema SK78 of 2.5 mm and   630 kg (1,300 lb).
  • CURVE 316L anti-tear stainless steel connectors
  • 16 mm & 300 kg (660 lb) unión
  • Removes 300 kg (660 lb) laps

Available in various measures:

  • 5 m (full) stretchup up to 15 meters
  • 10 m (full) stretches up to 30 meters
  • 15 m (full) stretches up to 45 meters
  • by meters (only 10 mm pure silicone tube of elongation x3)

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5 meter, 10 Meter, 15 Meter