My name is Juan Lopez, born in Galicia (Spain) in 1979.


I started in Spearfishing at 20 years old. Second year I started in competitions. First was spearfishing but after a few years I started in other Underwater Activities like Underwater Photo Hunting (change the speargun for a camera and take the best quality photos and the most different species) Underwater photo, Underwater Hockey and freediving (but don´t like freediving competition) This activities teached me a lot about the fish and how to find them and understand better the sea.

In Angling I didn´t go to competitions but I started at 4 years old and I love all techniques: Fly fishing, bait fishing, spinning… And all species: trout, seabass, salmon, pike…

The water is my second home. All the experience and skills achieved all this years let me help and get advise to all the anglers, spearos or freedivers who want to start or improve their skills and do this activities safer. And let me offer the best equipment selection in my shop, SubandCast, where you will always find the best quality and trying to offer the best price too. And advise in all that you need.

We don´t show all the catalogs, we show what we think is the best of all of them and trying to have the largest stock and best brand selection.

My CV in Underwater Activities:
– 2nd and 2 times 3rd in Spanish Freediving photo hunting championship.
– 2 times winner in Vigo Spearfishing championship.
– Gold and Bronze medal in International Atlantic Games.
– 4 times Galician freediving photo hunting champion.
– More than 10 podiums in spearfishing competitions.
– 4 times 3rd in Spearfishing Galician League.
– 2 times 2nd in Galican Underwater Photo League
– Member of the Galician Underwater Hockey team and maximum scorer.
– Fegas/CMAS spearfishing Instructor
– 3 Stars CMAS diver.
– 13 years in competition and more than 100 competitions!
– Sponsored in different years by some of the best Spearfishing brands:
o Sporasub
o Mares
o Spetton
o Salvimar.
– Still working testing spearfishing equipment for different brands and sponsored.
– Working for a Spanish TV making spearfishing and angling documentaries.


So any question you have don´t hesitate to contact us. We are professionals