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    The ultimate sink tip system
    Custom Cut Tips (CCT) – T Series sinking tips.
    Colour coded welded loops for ease of use and
    sink rate recognition. Use in conjunction with our
    Skagit lines to keep your fly deep in the
    heaviest of flows. Densities are:
    T7 (white loop, 7ips),
    T10 (orange loop, 8ips),
    T14 (brown loop, 9ips),
    T18 (black loop,10ips).
    Available in 10’ & 18’ tips

  • Warm and very durable gloves. One of the best options for cold water or when you want durable gloves. Reinforced and very confortable.

  • Geronimo has the same features and technical refinements as Geronimo Pro: the difference lies in the barrel, which has a traditional circular section bore.
    The grip comes with a brand new adjustment system that makes it possible to personalize its size according to the diver’s hand.
    The trigger can be adjusted both while moving and to make the release gentler, and mechanically activates a new kind of concealed line stop.
    There are two safety catches placed on both sides of the handgrip so they can also be activated by left-handers.
    The grips are made from soft-grip material to optimize purchase.
    The new muzzle can hold both circular bands and the special standard bands, complete with a brand new, patented pivoting bow system that blocks the shaft against the barrel right up to the moment the gun is fired.
    It comes in the 60 cm, 75 cm and 90 cm long versions.

    Our Xceed large arbour fly reels have been machined from the very lightest bar stock
    aluminium to create a lightweight reel that will compliment your modern graphite rod.
    Ported for maximum weight reduction without any loss in integrity, a classic satin
    black and silver anodised coating provides a finish that not only protects, but is
    aesthetically pleasing.
    The drag system is fully sealed and Saltwater resistant to provide you with many years
    of on the water performance!

  • Spoon Cobra

    High quality and very effective Spoon

    Size Weight Hook mm
    2 20 2 90
  • Fins Carbonio GFT Agguato (Ambush)

    Custom Options:

    Full Camo: 40 Euros

    Custom Simple (Name): 20 Euros

    Agguato by Carbonio GFT Pala designed to satisfy the most demanding. It allows small movements and facilitates the smooth movement of the blade. This gives precise control, even in the bottom of the foot, with a minimum without losing NONE gesture and property. This model born in 2010 represents the union of innovation and tradition. Now this union has been achieved through the creation of blades with layers of different thickness. Designed to create a perfect parabolic curve, allowing a strong detachment of the bottom and very smooth motion at the surface. The strength and innovation is certainly the use of prepreg composite materials, which gives excellent mechanical properties to the sheet and gives a performance benefit and safety. Agguato size, noticeably longer, makes it quick and silent. This length allows the slightest movement causes a displacement allows suitable at different stages of fishing, even in situations of danger, providing extra security. The Agguato, with an angle of 22 degrees, allowing perfect articulation and allows mounting on almost all models of full foot on the market. Still, it must contact us for a shovel to a foot pocket that is NOT the SALVIMAR, since the termination of this can vary. The profiles are smoother transmission and high water flow, which translates into stability. • Available in 3 hardnesses: Soft, Medium, Hard • Dimensions: 80x19cm

    Hot forming The new production technology called IC (Hot Forming), represents the pinnacle of the production processes of carbon blades. This technique provides hot prepreg complete removal of all defects and air infiltration during the production process. This provides a perfect carbon blade. This is accomplished by using a vacuum and the simultaneous application of heat to mold the blades. The polymerization was carried out by exposing action in vacuum conditions of controlled temperature (responsible for the care of the resin) to minimize stress. GFT Carbonio policy is to dare to carry out the progress, challenging the usual ways to find new ways to improve existing products to achieve superior performance.

    The ‘Ambush’ are produced in three hardnesses: soft, medium, hard to offer our customers a product that satisfies everyone regardless of personal characteristics and habits.

    BLADES GFT CARBON “Ambush” NEWS 2010

    80 × 19

    super SOFT


    € 210.00

    € 210.00

    80X19 MEDIUM  € 220.00
    80X19 HARD € 230.00
  • Anatomic socks. Reinforced. Durable, with water stop. Nilon inside/outside. Non slippery.

  • Fly Box Eco Fly 6.99

    Eco Fly Box
    These double sided low
    cost, lightweight boxes
    come with slotted foam
    and can hold multitude
    of flies.

  • Airflo Super Dri Intermediate

    Revised with our remarkable Super-Dri coating, this complete set of
    intermediate sink tips allow you to fish at a consistent level in the water
    column with absolute precision. Five separate fly lines are available in
    3’ Mini Tip, together with 6’ or 12’ tip lengths in both Slow and Fast
    intermediate densities, allowing you total control over your presentation.
    All models have our low stretch Power core to help you set hooks on
    even the slightest of takes, making them perfect for more imitative styles
    of fishing. The Super-Dri Ridge coating makes each line memory free and
    a joy to handle. All models feature our Impact taper design for easy loading
    and exceptional casting performance at any range.
    • 6’ & 12’ Slow Intermediate tip – perfect for the washing line
    • 3’, 6’ & 12’ Fast Intermediate tip – helping you hit the level when deep nymphing

  • Rubber rails for fins. 65cm each. Price for 1 unit. For 2 fins you will need 4

  • Wavehopper inflatable fly vest

    The Uk’s favourite life vest at an affordable price tag!
    Whether wading large salmon rivers or boat fishing on a reservoir the
    Wavehopper gives you the peace of mind and functionality never before
    available at this price.
    Tailored for maximum comfort, you’ll never know your wearing a life jacket
    until the day you need
    it. Put through the toughest testing procedures for
    over 2 years the Wavehopper has been fully approved to meet the latest
    ISO12402/5 standards and comes with 120 NEWTON internal bladder.
    Every year we hear reports of anglers drowning –
    Note: The Wavehopper life vest MUST be worn outside all other garments and is
    tailored this way, failure to do this may result in injury when activated.
    Sizes Available: M, L, XL, XXL.

  • Aqua Tec Fly box
    Finally, a low cost waterproof, high impact lightweight plastic fly box that will protect your flies from rain or the occasional dunking.

    Medium dimensions:
    16cm x 10cm x 4.5cm

    Large dimensions:
    19cm x 11cm x 4cm



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SubandCast was born by our passion: fishing. We want to offer in Ireland and UK our experiencie in Spearfishing, Sea and River fishing. You can ask and solve your doubts with Us. And enjoy a products selection made by us, where you will find all that you need and the most advanced stuff. Try us!

SubandCast is a Spearfishing and fishing shop in Ireland. Large stock and fast delivery. Your new spearfishing and angling shop in Ireland

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